Cross Chain Message Protocol

Messaging protocol for connecting public and private blockchains. K2N delivers a single interface to publish and subscribe to on-chain events. Subscribe to live data feeds and execute contracts based on live or historical data. All data is audited and retained for independent verification.

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Off Chain Message Protocol

Connect your decentralized application with the real, off-chain world. Pipe real world data into your smart contracts and make decisions reliably and safely using trusted data feeds. Audit smart contract execution using K2N replay facility. Supports Ethereum, EOS and other smart contract blockchains.

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Smart Data Economy

Join as an oracle, validator, router or subscriber and start feeding data streams into your smart contracts. Buy and sell data services in crypto. Subscribers pay for stream consumption, publishers & validators are rewarded for delivering accurate and high quality streams.  Publish, subscribe to topics. All streams are fully traceable and audit-able.

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Our mission

We are a team of professionals with background in blockchain, messaging and financial markets.

High quality, timely and accurate data is the life-blood of digital smart economies.

The new generation of decentralized applications can not operate without easily accessible, reliable, auditable and verifiable data sources. This includes cross chain and off-chain, real-world data streams.

Our mission is to bring world's first enterprise strength cross chain messaging protocol to power smart, digital economies of the future.

K2N.IO is currently in late stage development. Please subscribe to our newsletter below for updates and gain early access to our platform.